Iinstallation kits options 810358-5005S

This option is applicable to the following vehicles:

        Referencia          Modelo          CC              Potencia          Referencia OEM

  • 810358-5005S   CX5 2WD         2L               148CV              SH0113700E
  • 810358-5005S   CX5 4WD         2L               173CV              SH0113700E


New versions of installation games have been introduced for the previous turbos:

  • 810358-5005S – Fully assembled 2 Stage turbochargers.
  • 810356-5001S – HP Turbocharger – Model GT1238Z (bottom turbo)
  • 810357-5003S – LP Turbocharger – Model GT1752S (top turbo)
  • 906760-5001S – HP Turbocharger with Turbine bypass valve, actuator, studs, nuts and gaskets
  • 898981-5001S – Turbine bypass valve kit (with studs, nuts and gaskets)
  • 898982-5001S – Compressor bypass valve kit with actuator, bolts and gasket)

810356-5001S -HP Turbocharger GT1238Z (bottom turbo)


810357-5003S – LP Turbocharger GT1752S (top turbo)

906760-5001S – HP Turbocharger with Turbine bypass valve (bottom turbo)


898981-5001S – Turbine bypass valve kit

898982-5001S – Compressor bypass valve kit



  • Actuator to be re-used from original turbocharger Rod-end length setup
    Go to mechanical hard stop (valve closed) by applying vacuum 600 ± 5 mBar and set stroke to 0 = to Fully Closed Hard stop – mechanical hard stop when bypass valve is fully closed
    o Apply vacuum 372 ± 5 mBar and adjust rod end to set stroke to 0.5 ± 0.1 mm
    o Apply torque on Rod-end nut (5.6 – 6.8 Nm)
    Rod-end length re-checking
    o Apply vacuum 600 ± 5 mBar again and reduce vacuum till stroke is 0.5 ± 0.1 mm
    o Confirm vacuum is 372 ± 10 mBar

Turbine bypass valve nuts

  • Tighten to 20.0 – 25.0 Nm of torque


Apply lubricant P-80 Emulsion or equivalent to cold decoupler prior to assembling

Compressor bypass valve bolts

  • Tighten to 8.0 – 10.0 Nm of torque


Apply Loctite 271 or equivalent onto thread prior to final torque

Actuator nuts

  • tighten to 5.6 – 6.8 Nm of torque